One For All The Accountants

Employing just the right amount of resource to do your payroll work, or your book-keeping work, can be hard. And then making sure that resource is busy enough all month instead of just two weeks in the month can also be really challenging.

Sometimes we can benefit from an objective eye assessing the most efficient way to do our payroll, or book-keeping. Yes, new technology appears frequently and tells us there’s better ways we can do things, but we don’t have time to keep up to date, do we?


Engaging experts in payroll, book-keeping and other outsourceable activities can either compliment

your existing resource or potentially replace them, either on a temporary basis (such as maternity

cover or sickness) or full-time. It means you pay for what you use, instead of having expensive resource tied up waiting for work. And since your outsource team are experts at what they do, you can rely on fast, accurate and efficient service.


Some accountants prefer a seamless service, asking the outsource team to deal with client queries and fulfilment. Others prefer the outsource team to send completed work to them for onward transmission to clients – you choose which way suits you and we fall in with that.


Pricing pressure will only increase in the years to come, so pricing each service line appropriately and making each one contribute is thrown into ever-sharper focus.


At Ascendia Growth, we take care of those frustrations. Wefill the resource gaps which you can’t fill – we deliver fantastic service as one of your team, and we’ll never be afraid of finding and advising better,more efficient ways of working.


Here’s just some of the tasks we’re happy to help with:-


·       Practice manager (proficient in Karbon, etc...)

·       Book-keeping

·       Payroll

·       On-boarding of new clients

·       Cloud software training for new/existing clients

·       Pricing quotations

·       Debtors chasing

·       Tax returns

·       Companies House liaison

·       HMRC liaison


And with qualifications such as AAT; Xero-certification and Payroll management courses, you know you’re in safe hands.


If all this sounds like it might be of interest, why not give us a call or drop us an email. We’re delighted to chat!


Elaine Aitken

A qualified AAT, Elaine has a great range of experience from managing departments within Tesco supermarket to establishing and growing a number of businesses.

She has seen at first hand the frustrations of business owners getting bogged down with important but distracting tasks which take up the time of business owners.  This has prompted Elaine’s focus on managing growth within businesses, introducing process, structure and efficiencies to free up business owners to focus on what they’re good at.

As well as being able to perform many of the back-office functions herself, Elaine also now manages a team working for her.

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