Who doesn't like to make a difference?

Ascendia Growth are Doug and Elaine Aitken

Doug’s extensive experience in successful business growth planning, strategy and implementation dovetails perfectly with Elaine’s focus on administration processes and efficiency. Together with they have a passion for seeing businesses make the most of very opportunity.

And so Ascendia Growth was born.

Doug started his career in RBS where he reached Regional Manager level, excelled in a Business Development role and studied for and gained an MBA. During his time at RBS Doug worked within a firm of accountants for a year, gaining valuable first-hand insight into the industry.

Moving on from RBS in 2008, Doug set up an accountancy network, quickly building it into a several-hundred strong network of independent accountants. Ten years later he set up another business coaching and consulting with business owners.

A huge part of Doug's role is ensuring clients are challenged and held to account for changes they want to make to their business. Knowledge is useful; developing a skill from it even more so; but making that skill habitual is the real secret.

A qualified AAT, Elaine has a great range of experience from managing departments within Tesco supermarket to establishing and growing a number of businesses. She has seen at first hand the frustrations of business owners getting bogged down with important but distracting tasks which take valuable time they should be spending on building their venture.

This range of knowledge has prompted Elaine’s focus on managing growth within businesses - introducing process, structure and efficiencies to free up owners to focus on what they’re good at. As well as being able to perform many of the back-office functions herself, Elaine also now manages a team working for her.